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Whether you're just starting out in property, or you've already built an extensive portfolio, we're here to help you.

Perhaps you only have a small amount of start-up capital, and finding a Rent-to-Rent deal may be for you. Or you could be looking to purchase a property for Serviced Accommodation, which we can also help you to source. Whatever your needs and budget, our premium sourcing service ensures that we find you the right property for the right price and in the best location to maximise rental income.

Property sourcing is the act of finding, negotiating and delivering property deals to a property investor. A good property sourcer uses their professional contacts, skills and expertise to ensure that they find the right property to suit their client’s needs, budget and expectations.

Traditionally, a company like ourselves will assist you in purchasing a property, for a sourcing fee, and then we will set up the property for serviced accommodation. Once the property is set up, we will manage the day-to-day operations, including all guest bookings, cleaning, maintenance and marketing of the property for a percentage-based management fee deducted from your net income each month.

Rent-to-Rent is an investment strategy favoured by many investors because it is low-risk, and has lower-startup costs when compared to buying a property outright. The basic premise is that you will rent a property from a landlord for a fixed price per month, and then rent out the property on a nightly basis for short-term accommodation.

As above, with every rent-to-rent deal that we help to source, we will manage the serviced accommodation aspect, which includes everything from managing direct bookings to cleaning, maintaining and marketing the property, and we do this for a fixed percentage-based management fee per month.

Working with us

Our business relies on maintaining a healthy relationship with each of our clients, so when you’re happy, we are too. We work hard to develop relationships with each landlord and property seller and guarantee to get you, the investor, a deal with the best possible terms. 

Working with us, you will have full access to our recommended legal and refurb teams when required. After we’ve sought a deal on your behalf, and we agree to the terms together, we will set your property up for serviced accommodation and offer to manage every aspect of the day-to-day operations so that, if you wish, you can be completely hands-off. Our service is a turnkey solution to ensure cash flow as soon as possible. There are very few sourcing companies offering management throughout the entire investment process.

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